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From Accounting & Financial Management to Tax Compliance

Accounting & Financial Management

We specialize in the comprehensive management of financial and cost accounting information systems tailored to meet our clients' specific requirements. Our expertise extends to the development and implementation of robust internal control and documentation procedures. Additionally, we offer customization and installation services for accounting software, accompanied by thorough user training. Our commitment involves overseeing the finance departments of companies, ensuring the seamless execution of monthly and annual financial reporting, including the meticulous preparation of financial statements, cash flow statements, and notes to accounts. We conduct in-depth ratio analyses, covering aspects of profitability, liquidity, activity, returns, and risk. Further, we manage and maintain data entry records on behalf of our clients, providing meticulous analysis of financial statements. Our services extend to payroll preparation and management, as well as outsourcing payroll functions. Moreover, we offer consultancy services to aid decision-making processes related to financing options, such as lease, borrowing, and other available alternatives.

Costing & Managerial Accounting

We specialize in developing costing systems and control procedures, tailoring solutions after studying manufacturing processes. RAS offers consultancy on cost-cutting techniques, analyzing existing systems, highlighting weaknesses, and recommending improvements. Our expertise extends to various costing systems, including Process Costing, Job-Order Costing, and Activity-Based Costing. Our comprehensive analysis covers budgeting, planning, variance analysis, cost of production reports, product cost analysis, cost segregation, allocation, and risk analysis. The RAS consulting team comprises qualified business managers and finance professionals, providing a unique blend that understands the specific requirements of your business. This distinction sets us apart from traditional solution providers. Our experienced development team excels in delivering customized solutions, leveraging a range of tools and platforms. We prioritize technology competencies, continuous growth, and learning, ensuring a clear understanding of clients' environments for timely project delivery. The Support Team acts as a crucial intermediary between clients and development teams. With our head office in Karachi, a branch in Lahore, and the support of over 20 dedicated employees, we offer a diverse range of unique solutions and services to our clientele.

Pre-Job Training

Employers seek individuals with the requisite knowledge and skills for today's competitive job market. For qualified professionals facing challenges entering the workforce, RAS provides confidence-building pre-job training in Accounting, Finance, Administration, Taxation, and Consultancy. Our comprehensive services cover career assessment, counseling, resume writing, cover letters, interviewing techniques, work history and skills identification, market information, awareness of the office environment, training in basic documentation, and proficiency in computerized accounting. We also impart expertise in using Microsoft Word and Excel for office work and report preparation.

Research & Development, Surveys , Public Opinion

We meticulously handle the entire survey process, starting with the careful selection of the target group. We prepare comprehensive questionnaires, conduct surveys, gather and compile results, perform in-depth analysis, and conclude with well-founded final recommendations.

On- Job Training

RAS plays a vital role in optimizing organizational human resources by providing comprehensive on-the-job training. Our tailored programs enhance employees' understanding of work requirements, enabling effective communication and reporting for informed decision-making. Services encompass skills identification, training in documentation and processes, knowledge of computerized accounting systems, and proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel for office work and report preparation.

Corporate Strategy

Our comprehensive corporate services encompass the entire spectrum of company management. This includes handling the incorporation and registration of companies and firms, facilitating the establishment of branch/liaison offices for foreign companies in Pakistan, drafting memoranda and articles of association, and ensuring compliance with statutory requirements under the Companies Ordinance 1984. We specialize in preparing documents for the Certificate of Commencement of Business for public limited companies and providing secretarial services. Additionally, our expertise extends to enlistment of companies in the stock exchange, conversion of private limited companies into public limited ones, winding up of companies, managing mergers and acquisitions, conducting business valuations, and overseeing inspections of records at the Security & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). We also handle registrations with the Board of Investment (BOI) Pakistan, offering a comprehensive suite of services for diverse corporate needs.

Tax Compliance

We offer a comprehensive range of tax services encompassing Income Tax, General Sales Tax (GST), and Customs and Central Excise. Our expert team provides consultancy for Income Tax, including filing returns, drafting replies to audit observations, and conducting record audits. In Sales Tax matters, we advise on registration, exemptions, refunds, and conduct annual audits. For Customs, we provide guidance on goods classification, valuation, duty drawback, and interact with relevant authorities. Additionally, our litigation consultancy involves representing clients in various forums, from Commissioner (Adjudication) to High Court, addressing show-cause notices, orders, valuations, and writ petitions. Our services extend to resolving cases of mal-administration through the Federal Tax Ombudsman, and we conduct pre-audit and scrutiny of import/export documents to prevent audit objections.

Audit & Assurance

We offer a comprehensive suite of audit services, covering cost, financial, performance, management, internal, and special purpose audits, including investigative audits. Additionally, our expertise extends to physical verification of inventories, fixed assets verification, and due diligence processes.

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